The e-Rectors are Custom Lab quality, hand free stands.

No need to place your stand in your dish anymore.

e-Rectors include 2 all new clamps to secure your tube.

50U mesh screen gaskets.

150U mesh screen gaskets

X-Tractor 3

Steam Driven
20 Liter Stainless Steel Essential Oil Distiller
Only $599.99

+ Shipping
Perfect for specific essential oils.

Oil Slick SLAB Non-stick
Platinum Cured Silicone!
Only $78.99

Can Tapper

Solvent Can Tapper
With or with out hose
Polly  hose or SS available
Starting @ $39.99

Iso Oil Concentrate Bags
25 Micron (2) bags per package

Aspiration Vacuum kit options

                           B³ TS
[Bottom-fill Botanical Blaster]
       With Top Shower finish


EL Glass on Glass Custom Oil Tube
4 Sizes~!
Only $29.99-$79.99

XL e-Rector Stand
    Now only $89.99

Can be used with: DS XL and Our EL XL Glass Tubes.
XL 200G Stainless Steel or aluminum tubes
And all Closed Column tubes.

All new eRector clamps and Bossheads are now available

The X-Tractor I, II & III © :  Tubes are 12 inches tall and 1.5" in diameter.
Large 66 Gram Capacity, Per Tube

Aluminum or Stainless Steel

X1 Package kit includes:
1 Oil Extractor tube With New Tripod/Base
1 rubber stopper
2 stainless steel 50 micron mesh screens
1 removable end cap (secures mesh)
1 non stick oil container

Lifetime Warranty
Safety instructions


Replacement Screen Gaskets

50 & 150 Micron Mesh Screen Gaskets
1.5" screen gaskets fit our CC 30-150g tubes
2" screen gaskets fit our CC250g tubes
3" screen gaskets fir our CC 500g tubes




100 FT ROLL IS 3.5" X 100FT

Perfect Temp Heat Gun
Perfect for all purging applications!
i.e. Purge chamber / iso wash

Perfect Temp Heat Gun
Only $34.99

Kit comes complete with a 7" , 10" or 12" Scientific grade vacuum purge chamber Connects to any convenient vacuum source or a mechanical pump. Will withstand full vacuum.Shatterproof vacuum purge chamber will store and protect sensitive products. Will hold a full vacuum (29.9" Hg 75.9cm) at room temperature for 24 hours and remain airtight even if not under vacuum. Polypropylene stopcock with PTFE plug accepts 6.4mm (1/4") I.D. tubing and allows a controlled entrance of air preventing unnecessary turbulence.
Electric Vacuum Pump will attain and hold a vacuum of 25-29"Hg. Perfect for large scale projects.
Durable die cast aluminum housing and convenient top handle for easy handling. Easy-access oil fill port with viewing window for easy maintenance. Dual ports for  (1/4" tubing) and (1/8" tubing) systems. Thermal overload protection. Includes 8 oz. pump oil bottle and 6 foot grounded power cord.
This kit includes 2 feet of 1/4" tubing with a gauge to monitor vacuum in inches of mercury.

EL GLASS ON GLASS Oil X-Tractor Package kit includes:
4 Sizes available 10 gram - 150 gram Tubes!

1 glass on glass extraction tube
Holds aprox: 10G, 28G, 40G Or 150G
1 non stick oil container
1 End Cap
1 KecK Clamp
1 Glass on Glass "Topper" adapter
(2) 50 Micron Mesh Screens
Safety instructions

Thick heavy 6ml  glass ergonomic glass maria design

The X-Tractor XL © : 12 inches tall and 2.5" in diameter.
200 - 800 Gram Capacity.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel

XL Package kit includes
1, 2, 3 or 4 OIl Extractor XL ©  tube(s) With New Quad-pod/Base
1, 2, 3 or 4 rubber stopper(s)
4,8, or 12 stainless steel 50 micron mesh screens
1,2 3 or 4 removable end cap (secures mesh)
1 non stick oil container

Lifetime Warranty
Safety instructions

X-Tractor 2
X1 Options

Graham Condenser
Stand and Clamp
Water Supply Tubing
All Necessary Faucet and Tubing Adaptors
2000ml Steam and Product Flasks
All Food Grade Norprene Product Tubing
All Necessary Glass Tubing and Rubber Stoppers
Please note: Color of stand base may vary

Using our steam distillation apparatus, the steam passes through the biomass & picks up the oils of the material in vapor form. Then as the vapor passes into the condenser, it is quickly cooled & changed back into a liquid. This liquid will be primarily water, with the essential oil in the surface or bottom.

A hot plate or a kitchen stove could be used for a heat source. The steam distillation apparatus contains everything else you will need:

Entry Level Steam Distillation Kit
For Essential oils

Only $199.99

8.5"X12" Single Silicone Pad  NON Stick Work Surface.  Heat resistant to 500F

Oil Slick Pad
Only $19.99
Fast shipping

6 Piece Stainless Steel oil tool kit
Only $19.99

The Iso Concentrate Herbal Extractor Kit includes:
(2) 25 Micron Nylon/Cotton extractor bags (reusable) SUPER FINE MICRON
Bags Only.

Purge chamber options
B3 TS Options


30G, 60G, 90g or 120g FLOWER COLUMNS
250G - 500g Passive or Active Systems

Closed Loop Relcaim System

DS Glass Oil X-Tractor Package kit includes:
  8 Sizes available 4 gram - 500 gram Tubes!

1 glass extraction tube holds aprox 10G, 28G, 40G, 150G or 500G
1 non stick container
​1 End Cap
(2-4) 50 Micron Mesh Screens
Safety instructions

XL NO Base Package kit includes:
1 Oil Extractor XL © tube No Quad-pod/With Rubber Coating
Rubber Coating Temp Range -297 To 220 Degrees
1 rubber stopper
4 stainless steel 50 micron mesh screens
1 removable end cap (secures mesh)
1 non stick oil container

Lifetime Warranty
Safety instructions

MINI SlickBalls
Non-stick OIl Container By Oil Slick
Sold in Packs of 4. Holds 2g. per ball

Only $18.99

Stackable Non-stick Oil
​Containers By Oil Slick

Only $18.99

50u SS Mesh

Kit comes complete with a 7" , 10" or 12" Scientific grade vacuum purge chamber. Connects to any convenient vacuum source
The aspirator works by means of the Venturi effect, using moving fluid to generate a vacuum.  Water is directed through the top of the aspirator and discharged through the bottom tube. The vacuum line is on the side. This set contains everything you need to hook the aspirator to a standard faucet and safely support the glass apparatus. 
Aspiration kit attains and holds a vacuum of 25-29" Hg within just a few seconds.

Vacuum Aspirator
e Rector Clamp
e1 e Rector stand
Rubber Tubing
Faucet Adapter
Tubing Adapter
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum chamber of your Choice, 7", 10, or 12 inch diameter.

Vacuum Purge Kit With Water Aspiration kit.
On Sale $159.99

Vacuum Purge Kit With Electric Vacuum Pump, Hoses and Gauge Kit.
​Starting @ $299.99

Closed Column Options

6 Closed Column pressurized systems available.
30g, 60g, 90g, 150g, 250g & 500g

2 Stainless Secure Clamps  
(1) 50 micron screen gasket
(1) 150 micron screen gasket
1 non stick oil container
2 stainless valve systems
Fully adjustable and upgradable.
Extra clamps and extension columns available.

E1 e-Rector Stands will accommodate our DS: Mini, DS OZ, DS 40, DS XL,EL Mini
EL OZ EL 40, X1 alum 66g and X1 SS 66g tubes.

XL e-Rector Stands will accommodate our DS XL, EL XL, XL Stainless Steel, XL aluminum tubes and all of 
​our Closed Column tubes.

The e-Rector

Heavy Cast iron stable base
2 ALL NEW Extra Large Secure clamp adjustable up to 66mm on the XL.
Excellent design.
Fully adjustable and upgradable.
Extra clamps available. 

XL No Base options
X-Tractor XL Options

Thick Heavy Glass, NEW LOGO Beaker design..

Hat Sizes

WOW!!  Grassroots Oil Slick Hat / Cap with a usable slickpad on bill.
Limited production run 
Official Hat Pin Included
Only a few  left in Stock
Sizes 7-8 1/4 Fitted

Get yours for $64.99

A disposable alternative to parchment paper; the SlickTM Sheet is a laboratory grade PTFE film. Slick Sheet is 100% Resistant to Non-Polar Solvents and rated for direct, long term, solvent exposure. Slick Sheet is an ideal liner for collection vessels and evaporation dishes and has excellent heat transfer up to 500°F.

Oil Slick Sheet Lab Grade PTFE Roll Solvent Resistant Alternative to Parchment Paper, 48x16"
Only $19.49

3.5"X 5" double Silicone Pads  NON Stick Work Surface.  heat resistant to 500°F

A closed loop bottom fill kit with a top shower finish. Including a
LED lighted viewing window.

B³ [Bottom-fill Botanical Blaster] With Top-Shower Finish
LED lighted viewing window on 1lb and 2lb models only.
(4) 1/4" 1000 PSI SS Valves
(1) 3/8" 1000 PSI SS Valve
(1) 2" gate valve
6"X6" deep collection tank on the 30/60/90g & 150g kits.
8"X12" deep collection tank for multiple column runs on the 1LB & 2LB kits

Bottom-Fill and Top Shower configurations
"Flower column Slurry Viewing Gate"
All Buna and Viton seals and gaskets
50lb LP recovery tank INCLUDED.
​Free Can Tapper.
Top Sight Glass/Slurry viewing gate NOW INCLUDED FREE (not pictured)
Recovery Pump Not Included
Live customer service from 12-6pm PST Monday-Friday 360.936.7904

Our multi-versatile
Pressurized Closed Loop reclaim extraction Kit

These systems allow you to reuse your solvent 100's of times.
Reclaim/Reuse/Recycle 0 Degradation

EL options

EL Glass on Glass X-Tractor

E1 e-Rector Stand
    Now only $79.99
   Fast Shipping~
Can be used w/ DS Mini, DS OZ, DS 40, EL Mini
EL OZ and EL 40G Glass Tubes.
X1 Stainless Steel or aluminum

X2 Package kit includes:
2 Oil Extractor tubes With 1 New quad pod Base
2 rubber stoppers
4 stainless steel 50 micron mesh screens
2 removable end caps (secures mesh)
1 non stick oil container

Lifetime Warranty
Safety instructions

Purchase includes a 1 year glass warranty

Purchase includes a 1 year glass warranty

heat resistant to 500°F

1.7OZ. Cobalt Blue jars
Only 3.99

1.7OZ Amber glass jars
Only $3.99

New Closed Column pressurized oil eXtractor

​All new Secure eRector clamps and Boss heads are in!! Much stronger!

Pressurized oil eXtraction tube with stainless steel valve system.

Now you can pressurize your tube with solvent, close off the top and bottom valve and let your solvent fully marinate.

These tubes can be used open by hand.

Open with our eRector stand, (sold separately)
attached inline with our closed loop reclaim system.
(sold separately)

    Replacement EL Glass TOPPERS
    Spray Evenly DOWN THE WHOLE TUBE~

    14mm Toppers fit the EL MINI And EL OZ
    19mm Toppers fit the EL 40 and EL XL tubes.

DS Options

DS Glass X-Tractors
10G, 28G, 40G, 150G & 500 Gram Tubes
Only $19.99-$89.99

XL e-Rector Options
E1 e-Rector Options

X3 Package kit includes:
3 Oil Extractor tubes With 1 New quad-pod/Base
3 rubber stoppers
6 stainless steel 50 micron mesh screens
3 removable end caps (secures mesh)
1 non stick oil container

Lifetime Warranty
Safety instructions

Stainless construction with heavy screw clamp connections for quick dis-assembly

20L capacity boiling chamber with removable platform to hold your bio material above the water level

Dual scale Fahrenheit / Centigrade 3" dial thermometer with calibration adjustment

2" diameter pot style water-cooled condenser with 3/8" diameter water inlet and outlet hose barbs

Includes 3/8" rubber tubing and faucet adapter for connecting the condenser up to a standard kitchen or utility sink type faucet.

12" diameter boiling chamber may be heated over a electric stove

This versatile eXtractor is made of all stainless steel and may be easily disassembled for cleaning.  For essential oil extraction with steam the removable platform will hold your bio-material above the water level for a true steam distillation.  With the platform removed the still becomes a traditional pot-syle distiller with a 20 liter capacity.  This distiller requires an external heat source.  The 12" diameter boiler fits nicely on an ordinary stove.

Oil Slick DUO
Only $14.99
Fast shipping

This brand new slab measures out to a 2×3 piece of Platinum Cured Silicone. The Oil Slick Slab allows you to avoid the sticky mess that comes with essential oils, while also protecting your tools. Use anywhere to keep your glass protected; it works on all surfaces and won’t slip or slide. Perfect coffee table cover!

All systems include:

Stainless Collection tank
Stainless Charge tank
Either 30G, 60G, 90g or 120g FLOWER COLUMNS


250G - 500g Passive or Active Systems now available including a free 50lb LP tank.

2 Stainless Steel Valve Systems
1 SS Ball "Dump" valve

OR The SS Butterfly "Dump" valve upgrade

(butterfly valve has 4 settings to control "dump")

"Slurry Viewing gate"
1/4" charging hose.
Vacuum gauge and Pressure gauge.
2, 150 micron stainless viton screens.
2, 50 micron stainless viton screens.
All VITON gaskets/screens
Free Can Tapper
Full Kit.

DS Glass X-Tractor
Only 19.99-89.99